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5 Easy Exercises You can do at Home if you can't make the Gym

By Shannon Pierce

Some of us work too many hours per week to find time for the gym. Others have children, or can’t afford a gym membership. Others may simply feel uncomfortable exercising in public. For whatever reason that the gym is just not for you, don’t fret. There are plenty of exercises you can do right in your home that will get your workout done in no time at all.

Challenge yourself:

New Years was a popular time for people wanting to get in shape to do “squat challenges” or “ab challenges.”  These are simply commitments to yourself to do a designated number of exercises per day or per month. First thing in the morning, for example, commit to do 100 crunches.  Maybe at the end of the month if you complete your challenge you could reward yourself with a new workout outfit.  Try it with a friend to keep each other accountable.  Mark it off on your calendar each time you complete your exercise.


Pop in a video:

These days, there are a wide variety of workout videos that will have you sweating, lunging, and jumping all around your living room.  Having a trainer motivating you and instructing you on your form can be hugely helpful. Try a Jillian Michael’s DVD or the P90x series to get started. Some DVDs require a few hand weights or a resistance band.  Yoga DVDs can help you strengthen and lengthen your muscles all while working on breathing and relaxation.



Have a trainer create a custom series of exercises for you to do at home.  You could focus your exercises on weight-loss, toning, muscle building, whichever you want to accomplish. Push-ups, squats, lunges, ab exercises, lifting free weights, and jumping rope are all traditional movements you can do right in your home.


Shake it off:

Don’t forget dancing.  Just Dance on the Wii will provide you with a nice little burst of cardio when the weather is dreary or you can’t get to spin class.  It is so much fun that you will forget it’s exercise. Enlist a buddy to get laughing and to compete with one another, or do it solo. Zumba DVD’s or even DVD’s that teach salsa or other types of dance can get you moving and grooving. Have kids? They will love to mimic your movements.

The options are endless for stay-at-home workouts if you think outside the box.


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