8 ways to increase fat burning

By Angela Young

If you've hit a plateau it's time to change things up to get your fat burning shifted back into high gear. There are some easy tips and tricks to do exactly that.

1. Eat Smart

By eat smart we mean put yourself in an eating environment that encourages healthy eating. Your eating environment should encourage slowing down, tasting your food and enjoying the experience. To do this you need to eliminate distractions like TV, computers and reading material. This will help you tune into your body messages and stop when you're almost full to avoid overeating.

2. Kick Start with a Cleanse

A cleanse or fast should not be used for long term weight loss but it can help kick start your fat burning when your body slows down. 

3. Get Spicy

The Capsacin in peppers and other spicy food can speed up your metabolism. Add hot sauce to chili, soups and other low fat favorites. Or really kick it up a notch but adding different kinds of peppers to your cooking.

4. Add Mint

Mint is known for its ability to let your brain know when you're not hungry. You can avoid overeating by popping in a piece of mint gum after a meal. 

5. Recreate Your Favorite Snack

Your go-to snack should include whole grains, low fat dairy or baked grains. A glass of low-fat milk or a handful of low-fat chips with spicy salsa are great snacks.

6. Hit the Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great vary to your regular workout. It's an intense strength training that stretches your muscles and increases the level of fat burning throughout your entire body.

7. Drop and Give Me 50

Start your day with pushups to kick start your metabolism and keeps it burning throughout the day.

8. Push Fluids

Water helps flush your system, keep you full and encourage your body systems to work more efficiently. When your body is dehydrated it can also make you feel hungry when your stomach is not.

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