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Dealing with weight loss issues in 2011

By Angela Young

Though often confused as such, obesity is not caused by inactivity. Overeating and poor diet are the causes. When you overeat and eat foods low in nutrients you likely don't have the energy to be active and this can lead to weight gain. The most common form of overeating is emotional eating. When stress, low self-esteem and other emotions trigger eating it can lead to bad food choices and weight gain. To break through eating issues in 2011 there are a few tips and tricks you can put to work immediately.

1. Don't Worry, Be Happy

Easier said than done, I know, but when you make an effort to bring more joy into your life, the stress will melt off and you'll be able to confront food on healthier terms. Find ways to work more laughter into your daily life and your mood will improve greatly. Ever wonder how morticians, crime scene investigators, war journalists, doctors and cops get through the day? They have a sense of humor and know when to leave the stress behind.

2. Turn Off the Boobtube

Get off the couch and get your kids moving with you. National studies show across the board that a majority of children are watching too much TV. Find ways to be active as a family and they won't miss the TV as much.

3. Mix Up Your Active Life

If you don't have an active life, start with something you really like. Don't push yourself into an activity you don't feel comfortable with. Try Yoga, biking with your family, family swim nights at your local community pool or beach volleyball on the weekends with friends. Work more activity into the things you already love to do. Make it a social event and you're more likely to stick to it.

4. Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

You may already think about what you're gonig to make for dinner, but when's the last time you planned your breakfast, lunch and snacks ahead of time? Write them out and stick to them. This will keep your from overeating and you can plan your calories ahead of time as well.

5. Workout at Home

If you're not feeling comfortable at the gym or can't afford a membership, put together a home fitness routine. This can include anything from a DVD to strength training to a fitness gaming system. Find what works for you and you'll be more likelyu to stick to it.

6. Nurture Yourself More

Brainstorm a list of ways to nurture yourself in ways that don't include eating. A quiet weekend run, a new book to curl up and read, a weekly bubble bath or anything that helps you relax and love yourself a little more.

7. Avoid Dieting

A diet is a short term program to lose weight. You need to change your relationship with food and this means no more dieting. You just need to work on eating smart and controlled. You will lose the excess weight and feel good at the same time- no dieting required.

8. Sleep it Off

When you get enough sleep you're less likely to gain weight, overeat and skipping workouts. Get enough sleep and you'll see your view of weight loss in a whole new way.

9. Keep it Social

Never isolate yourself. When you coup yourself up your barriers are done. Keep yourself accountable by hanging out with friends and family- especially when you feel a little down.

10. Love Yourself

This goes hand in hand with nurturing and caring for yourself. Learn to love all of you even if you have some issues with your physical self. Need a little help with this? Ask your spouse, friends and family what they love about you. Post it on the mirror and read it every day.

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