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Gastric Imbrications: the latest weight loss surgical option

By Angela Young

Weight loss surgeries became popular a few years ago and first deemed as the only way for morbidly obese patients to save their lives. Weight loss surgeries than became popular as a quick fix to those who want to lose weight. There are a number of procedures that can be done to alter the stomach and digestive system to help the body lose weight. These should never be considered without speaking to a reputable surgeon and therapist.

How it Works

The Gastric Imbrications is a laparoscopic procedure that does not require removal of stomach tissue or the implantation of a device. The procedure is much safer and allows for a much faster recovery. This procedure also restricts the stomach so the patient is full faster and thus eats less. It's done with a simple folding over of the stomach. The three tiny cuts to do this procedure are so small they don't require stitches. Because of the simplicity of this procedure it is easily reversible in the event of a problem. 


  • Offers safe, effective weight loss for severely overweight patients
  • Does not involve stapling, cutting, implanted devices or other measures 
  • Lowest cost weight loss procedure curently available
  • Does not cut or remove any stomach tissue
  • Non-invasive procedure is safer
  • Fast procedure with little down time
  • Does not cause malabsorption

90%-98& of patients suffering from diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain, mobility issues and other weight related conditions see relief with their weight loss

BMI Determination

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a form of measuring the body and patients level of fat compared to muscle. This determines the weight category the patient falls into. These include overweight, obese and morbidly obese. Morbidly obese is a weight problem combined with a medical condition that can cause premature death. Body Mass Index uses height, weight and other factors to make this determination. 

Normal BMI's range between 18-23.5.

If your BMI is over 32% body fatyou are obese. 

Medical Complications

Obesity brings with it a long list of medical conditions including diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, blood pressure and more. It can also cause mobility, pain and mental health problems. Many patients find these medical conditions virtually cure themselves when they lose weight. This gives them years back on their life.

Because Gastric Imbrications is a relatively new procedure there are only a handful of surgeons performing this procedure. There are studies going on you can apply to be a part of if you qualify. If you know a weight loss professional, ask them for a reference to a weight loss surgeon to start exploring your options with Gastric Imbrications. 

No matter what your road to weight loss, getting the weight off and your life back will be life changing. Make sure you're prepared for both the physical and the emotional journey you'll face. While your body becomes everything you've always wanted, your mental and emotional world will need to love yourself in a whole new way.

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