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How to tell obese friends they need to lose weight

By Angela Young

Finding a way to tell a friend they need to lose weight can be an extremely difficult place to be. Always come from a place of love and you'll be able to show them you aren't judging them or want to have a long, healthy friendship with them.

Personal Support

Don't just tell them the process, walk the walk with them. Literally, get together to exercise and work on healthy eating choices. When you're there with them they'll feel a greater sense of accomplishment and obligation to continue on their weight loss and healthy living journey.

Loving Approach

Your approach needs to come from love and support. When they know you care about their overall healthy, happiness and well-being, you're concern will be better accepted.

Share Information

Take the time to find information and share articles with them. When you back up your concern with actual facts they'll be more likely to understand exactly where you're coming from and be more open to change.

Set Milestones

Milestones are one of the best ways to break up a seemingly impossible weight loss task, especially when they have a significant amount of weight to lose. Set milestones along the way and celebrate reaching those milestones. Create healthy ways to celebrate those milestones as well. No chocolate cake, instead a new pair of jeans to celebrate a smaller size.

Focus on Health

Do not make comments based around vanity, society or other comparisons. They likely do that very thing to themselves and thus the hinderance to lose weight. Talk about their health and the longevity of your friendship. Talk about the risks associated with obesity and share any personal connections you have. If a family member died because of obesity, share that and your concern to lose another amazing person in your life.

You can approach a friend about their obesity and encourage them in a positive way to lose weight and gain control of their life. They likely feel overwhelmed and under valued.

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