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Top 10 Reasons why you should cook your meal

By Angela Young

When you take the time to cook for yourself at home you control all aspects of the food you eat. As dining out becomes more expensive and more in the front of your mind cooking your own meals offers you the opportunity to eat delicious, healthy food you can be proud of. 

1. Save Money

One of the biggest things you'll notice when you start cooking at home is the money you can save over a meal out. Choose on of your favorite meals out and think about how much you paid last time you ate there. Did you have a date night? Count in the amount you paid the babysitter, cab fare, tip, everything. Grab the ingredients to make your favorite dish and compare the cost. It is likely a huge difference. 

2. Added Nutrition

When you are cooking the meal you know exactly what goes into the dish and exactly what you don't want to go in the pan. You can control the carbs, fat, sodium and other aspects that lead to unwanted fat and other medical conditions. If you're already dealing with a medical condition in regards to your diet, cooking at home allows you the safety in knowing you're only eating what you should be to stay healthy. 

3. Picky Eaters

When's the last time you took toddlers out to eat? Or even a finicky husband for that matter. If you or your family tend to be the patrons who order a dish only to have it completely torn apart and rebuilt, cooking at home gives you the flexibility to only include the ingredients you and your family likes. This save money, waste and frustrating tantrums.

4. Some Like it Hot

The key to any good dish is in the spices. When you eat out you have little control over the main spice elements, namely salt, pepper, sugar and regional spices. When you cook at home you have the abiity to add as much or as little of the spices you want. This gives you the most control over the flavor and, thus, a more flavorful dish.

5. Portion Control

In most restaurants when the food comes to your table you can be completely overwhelmed by the amount of food on your plate. You may think there will be left overs and find yourself eating the entire portion before you leave. At home you can dish up correct portions, essential to a life of healthy eating. You can either freeze the rest for later meals or cut the recipe to feed less people.

6. Fast Food

By the time you get to the restaurant, order, wait, eat and drive home you could have spent a quarter of the time at home eating the same meal. It's just faster to cook for yourself. You may feel like it takes a lot of work cooking at home, but it simply isn't. Make weeknights even speedier by prepping common ingredients on the weekends.

7. Less Waste

Back to the theory of eating a huge portion because you don't want to waste money. When you cook at home and adjust the recipe you throw less away.

8. Lose the Chemicals

Do you know exactly what's in the food you're eating out? Probably not. There are likely a variety of chemicals and additives. You would never do that in your own home. Cooking at home allows you the opportunity to control everything that goes into your food and body- not just the fresh ingredients.

9. A Healthier You

The less chemicals and additives, the better for you. When your food is chemical free your body can break it down and utilize it better. This means a stronger body and longer life. A diet full of whole foods also prevent many medical conditions including diabetes, cancer, digestive conditions and more.

10. Master Chef

The more you cook, the more confident you will feel. Start with a couple of easy five ingredient meals or get out the crock pot to do all the cooking for you. Soon you'll be ready to invite guests over and wow them with your newfound chef-hood. 

Cooking at home gives you so many opportunities for better tasting, healthier and more cost-effective eating. When you take the control back you can proud of what you're family is eating and know you made the meal without the help of an expensive restaurant.

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