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What you eat can help you stay hydrated

By Angela Young

Studies show men take in less water than women, leaving them susceptible to chronic dehydration which is tough on your organs and can severely effect your kidney and liver which process toxins. If you have a difficult time getting enough water in you can adjust your diet to compensate.

Water Based Foods

There are a number of fruits and vegetables with a high percentage of water in them. By increasing your consumption of water based foods you are adding water to your diet without having to ensure you're drinking it. 

Top Five Water Based Foods

  • Iceberg Lettuce: 1 head = 18 oz. (approx. 2 glasses of water)
  • Cucumber: 1 cucumber = 10 oz. water (approx. 1 1/3 glasses water)
  • Papaya: 1 papaya = 9.5 oz. water (just over 1 glass of water)
  • Watermelon: 2 cups = 9 oz. water (just over 1 glass of water)
  • Pumpkin: 1 cup canned pumpkin = 8 oz. water (1 glass of water)

More Fluids While Eating

Whatever you're drinking at dinner, you should double while you're eating. Be careful of liquid calories though. If you eat out, the restaurant will likely bring you a glass of water aside from the beverage you order. Alternate between the two and aim to drink both before the end of the meal.

Cut the Salt

Sodium is notorious for zapping your water level in your body. The more sodium you eat, the less water your body is able to retain. When you cut sodium you also have more energy and your body is better able to process out toxins and retain nutrients.

When you aim to "eat" more water you can supplement 20% of your water intake with foods instead of drinking it. If you have a hard time getting enough fluids in through drinking, whether you're bored with the taste of water or don't have enough time in the day to get 8 glasses in, you can use some of these water rich foods to get enough, spike you energy and help your body work more efficiently.

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