By Angela Young

Adderal and Ritalin are both medications that doctors prescribe to patients in an effort to treat the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. ADHD is a condition in which a patient has difficulty concentrating, sitting still and displays hyperactive behaviors, which are disruptive to the people around the patient and can lead to difficulties in the patient’s life because of how the symptoms interfere with their daily activities and relationships.

Adderal and Ritalin are stimulant medications that are similar to amphetamines and cocaine. However, both Adderal and Ritalin are controlled drugs that do not have the exact same effect. Adderal and Ritalin are more mild drugs than typical amphetamines and cocaine. Adderal and Ritalin are far less pleasurable. However, because both the drugs are stimulants there are fears that people who are not suffering from ADHD will abuse the medications.

Most people believe the Ritalin and Adderal are drugs that only hyperactive children take, however, adults with ADHD can take Ritalin and Adderal and both drugs prove very effective for adult ADHD.

Adderal/Ritalin Warnings and Precautions

The addictive potential of both Adderal and Ritalin are the primary warnings and precautions of the medications. Doctors do not know the long-term effects of taking Adderal and Ritalin, particularly in children because studies that evaluate the effects of long-term Adderal and Ritalin use in children are not complete. There is some evidence to support the loose connection of slow growth in children and their use of Adderal or Ritalin to treat their ADHD symptoms.

If a person is allergic to amphetamines or is currently taking an MAO inhibitor medication, they should not take Adderal or Ritalin to treat the ADHD symptoms. If a person is taking an MAO inhibitor they must wait until that medication is completely out of their system prior to taking Adderal. People with arteriosclerosis, heart disease, hypertension and glaucoma should not take Adderal or Ritalin.

People with a history of psychological problems should not take Adderal or Ritalin. People with severe anxiety are not candidates for treatment with Adderal or Ritalin.

Adderal/Ritalin Uses

Ritalin and Adderal are medications that treat ADD/ADHD in children and adults. The reasons for the effectiveness of the stimulant medications are effective in treating hyperactivity and symptoms of ADHAD, but doctors do know the medications work.

Dosages of Ritalin and Adderal are usually unique to each patient. Doctors determine the appropriate dosages for their patients based upon the patients, age, weight and symptoms as well as a few other factors.

Adderal/Ritalin Side Effects

The most common side effects are insomnia and nervousness. Usually and adjustment of the patients medication levels can minimize the insomnia and nervousness side effects. Other side effects can include anorexia, nausea, heart palpitations, headache drowsiness, dizziness, and changes in blood pressure, skin rash, fever and abdominal pain.

Children are more likely to have side effects that include abdominal pain, loss of appetite, tachycardia and insomnia when they are taking Adderal or Ritalin for their ADHD symptom treatment.

Adderal/Ritalin Interactions

People on certain types of antidepressants should not take Adderal and Ritalin. Taking Adderal and Ritalin while on certain antidepressants can cause toxic reactions and severe cardiovascular events. The combination of certain antidepressants and Adderal and Ritalin can cause a dangerous increase in plasma levels.

Adderal/Ritalin Overdose

Overdoses of Adderal and Ritalin are usually problems of over stimulation. Protecting the patient from themselves during an Adderal or Ritalin overdose is very important. Symptoms of Adderal or Ritalin overdose are vomiting, tremors, muscle twitching, convulsions which may be followed by a coma, agitation, euphoria, hallucinations, headaches, sweating, palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias and drying of the mucus membranes.

If you suspect someone is suffering from an overdose of Adderal or Ritalin medication, you should seek medical attention.

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