Symbicort & Advair

By Angela Young

Advair and Symbicort are medication that patients inhale. Advair and Symbicort are part of the family of medications that doctors refer to as corticosteroids, which is a steroid medication the patient inhales. Advair and Symbicort are long acting beta agonists, which are a class of drugs that treat asthma. Advair also treats COPD, but Symbicort has not received FDA approval for the treatment of COPD.

Both Symbicort and Advair are medications that in a powder form. Both Symbicort and Advair work by reducing inflammation of the lungs while at the same time opening the airways to improve overall breathing.

Symbicort & Advair Warnings and Precautions

Patients should tell their physicians or pharmacists of their complete medical history particularly if their history includes hypertension, osteoporosis, depression, diabetes, eye conditions, heart problems, recent infections, liver issues, seizures, smoking and thyroid problems.

Use of Advair and Symbicort can affect the heart rhythms of some patients. Patients with heart conditions such as heart failure and slow heartbeat or patients with a family of heart problems should discuss their risks with a physician.

Patients taking Symbicort and Advair should avoid exposure to infection, as the body may not be able to heal as well because it is not producing enough natural steroids when patients first begin taking the medication. Patients should avoid exposure to the chicken pox or the measles. If exposure to the chicken pox or the measles does occur patients should seek medical attention right away.

Taking Symbicort and Advair may make it more difficult to notice the signs of infection and therefore can put patients at risk for developing a more serious infection. People with COPD are at a greater risk of developing pneumonia while taking Symbicort and Advair medications for treatment of their chronic breathing issues.

Using Symbicort and Advair may cause drowsiness so patients should take care when driving or operating heavy machinery.

Symbicort & Advair Uses

Doctors prescribe Symbicort and Advair for the treatment of chronic asthmas and in the case of Advair, COPD. Chronic breathing conditions respond well to treatment with Symbicort and Advair, when the patient takes the medications regularly.

Symbicort & Advair Side Effects

Common side effects of Symbicort and Advair are very similar to other inhaled medications. The common side effects include irritation of the throat, hoarseness, rapid heartbeat, cough, dry mouth and throat and occasionally upset stomach.

More serious side effects include white patches on the tongue or in the mouth, increasing thirst or urination, persistent weight gain, vision issues such as blurry vision, shaking and severe muscle cramping.

Patients should seek immediate medical attention if they develop an allergic reaction such as a rash, itching or swelling of the face, tongue or throat, severe dizziness or trouble breathing. Rarely patients experience a sudden worsening of breathing issues. If this happens patients should use their emergency inhaler and seek immediate medical attention.

Symbicort & Advair Interactions

Patients should avoid taking MAO inhibitors within two weeks before and after treatment with Symbicort or Advair. Patients currently taking Symbicort or Advair also should not take any MAO inhibitors.

Patients should inform their doctor or pharmacist of any and all medications they are currently taking including all over the counter medications and herbal supplements so that they can avoid any dangerous drug interactions.

Drugs that can influence the way Symbicort and Advair work in the body include nefazodone, telithromycin, azole antifungals, macrolide antibiotics and HIV protease inhibitors.

Symbicort & Advair Overdose

Patients can suffer from an overdose of Symbicort and Advair. Symptoms of overdose include seizures, chest pain, fainting, severe muscle cramps and a fast or irregular heartbeat. If there is a suspicion of Symbicort or Advair overdose patients should seek immediate medical attention.

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