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Healthy Grocery List Essentials

By Shannon Pierce

There are so many healthy grocery lists out there on the web. How can you be sure that what you are reading on the web is even accurate? Who even made that “healthy grocery list”? Luckily, this list is part of a well balanced diet approved by a certified health coach and actually explains why they are important and what to do with the products.  Of course you know to get items like fresh fruits and vegetables, but what brand of milk? What type of granola bar or protein bar is actually healthy for you? This list lays it all out.


First let’s start with the obvious lean meats and seafoods including, chicken, fish, ground turkey, shrimp. Try to buy local brands, not Tyson or Walmart brands which are usually just injected with added water.


Unsweetened vanilla almond milk, unsweetened cashew milk, or unsweetened almond-coconut milk.  These are low calorie and won’t bloat you like regular milk can.  Throw it in all your protein shakes or smoothies, mix it with cereal or oatmeal, you name it.


Hardboiled eggs. If you can buy local or get them from a farm share, great!


Protein bars. So many out there are just loaded with extra sugar or carbs. Try Quest Bars. They are sold at your local health store or GNC. They are low in carbs and sugar and taste decadent.


Low-salt dry roasted mixed nuts.


Brown rice. Any old brand will work. Boil then simmer in chicken broth for added flavor, season with low-sodium soy sauce, a little cajun seasoning, or hot sauce.


Sweet Potatoes. Poke a few holes in them and bake whole in the oven at 375 for about an hour depending on the size. Season with cinnamon and salt.


 “Weight Control” Quaker Instant Oats are not loaded with added sugar. They come in great flavors like Banana Bread and Maple Brown Sugar.


Fresh organic, local, or farm share fruits and veggies are best. Try to buy what is in season. They will taste fresher and more flavorful.


For your sweet tooth, try an occasional treat – individually wrapped Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars. They aren’t the best for you, but individual servings help prevent from eating a whole pint. Also, try Jello sugar free chocolate pudding cups.


As for dairy – Fat free plain Chobani. Mix in your own fruit, sweetener of choice, and a pop of Kashi Go Lean Crisp Berry Crumble as the “granola.” 

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