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Is Your Diet Failing You? Here are the signs you should look for

By Shannon Pierce

Are you trying your absolute hardest to lose weight? Are you craving late night snacks and massive quantities of chocolate? How are you feeling? Lacking energy? Experiencing headaches? Well, some people may be too restrictive in their diets, causing health problems.  Here are a few signs that your diet sucks.


Depriving yourself from certain foods can cause you stress and even effect your body negatively. It may help you lose some water weight temporarily, but it will not help you maintain a healthy weight.


Certain unpleasant symptoms can arise from low calorie diets. If you experience lightheadedness or nausea you may be suffering from low blood sugar. If you are feeling dizzy, shaky, panic-attack-like symptoms, or heart palpitations you may need a more balanced meal plan.


If you are feeling extra impatient, irritable, or moody, you may have low blood sugar levels due to your diet.  Women should consult a doctor if they want to restrict their calories lower than 1200 a day. Men should also ask their doctor before eating below 1500 calories a day.


Cleanses are known for increasing energy, providing healthy, radiant skin and weight loss. However, they are extremely strict  and even dangerous diets.  If you are using the bathroom excessively due to the cleanse, you may be losing important nutrients. Your liver does all the work for you in “de-toxing” and there really is no such diet that will detox you.


Cleanses or juices also may be dehydrating you. It sounds like an oxymoron, however the aloe and the overdose of fruits and vegetables may cause you stomach and bowel issues.  Diarrhea could cause you to lose important fluids and nutrients that your body needs to survive, making you feel fatigued.


Having insane cravings? When you eliminate a complete food group out of your diet it can cause you to crave it even more. Eat that food group in moderation and it can help curb overeating later.


Gaining weight no matter how much you cut cals? When you restrict calories too heavily, the more likely you are to binge eat later. When you skip meals, it could cause you to increase belly fat storage, chances of insulin resistance, or risk of diabetes or heart disease. Yikes!


Try having a more balanced diet. Consult with a doctor or nutritionist to determine a healthy weight for you and a healthy number of pounds to lose in a reasonable time.




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