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Keeping your Contacts clean is very important to eye Health and Safety

By Shannon Pierce

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Ahhh, my contacts feel great!”? In most cases, you have probably heard the opposite. Contact-wearers may complain of small tears in their contacts, smudges, or dry eyes. Well, the problem is that these contact wearers may not be taking proper care of their little lenses. Here are a few directions to maintain safe and healthy eyes and clean and clear contact lenses.


First, you should be aware that those issues could actually be detrimental to your health, and even could cause eye infection.


For instance, wearing your contacts too long or longer than prescribed by your doctor, environmental factors, reduced tears under contact lenses, and a lack of hygiene could all cause eye infection.


Don’t fret. They can be fixed with some simple lens care and some precautions.


First off, most ophthalmologists highly recommend the rub and rinse method, even when your particular solution doesn’t call for it. This requires rubbing your lenses with your (clean) fingers before placing them in your solution at night.


Second, make sure to avoid swimming or other contact with water while wearing your contacts. Tiny bacteria in water can get stuck and fester behind your contacts. Ew. Never store your contacts in water either, even in desperate measures. Wetting your contacts with your own saliva is a major no-no. Your saliva is not sterile my friend.


Docs also recommend contacts that you can discard daily. They are the safest and reduce risk of infection greatly.


Anytime you touch your contacts, you must rinse your hands with soap and water, then dry them with a lint-free towel.


When your contact case is not in use, rinse it with fresh solution and make sure to leave it open to air dry. Replace your case at least every three months, since the case itself could hold bacteria as well.


Never re-use old solution. Always start fresh.


Never put your solution into a smaller travel-size container. Try to find the filled smaller version in the store. The empty travel-size container could affect the sterility of your solution when you transfer it over.


As always, follow the directions prescribed by your eye doctor. Contact them if you experience any abnormal symptoms in your eyes or vision. Regular eye exams are crucial to maintain your eye health and to understand which type of contacts are the best fit for you and your lifestyle.




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